Episode 09 – Academic Support @ Western State

What exactly is academic support? We’re in law school, aren’t we above getting help? Absolutely not! Law school is a place where many people, often for the first time in their educational lives, need help. It’s overwhelming. Because Western State is dedicated to students’ success, we have a stellar academic support and bar preparation program.

On Friday, September 29, 2017, we sat down with Lisa Blasser, an Assistant Professor of Lawyering Skills and the Assistant Director of Academic Support and Bar Services here at Western State. Professor Blasser works alongside the program Director, Paula Manning, and Professor Tina Schindler.

Understanding the importance of academic support to student success, we talked about how the program work, how students can benefit, and many of the ways the Academic Support program helps students succeed — everything from understanding learning styles, to time management skills, to efficient note-taking, to the all important exam writing.

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